The General 2020 Winter Holiday Post

Had a really busy month this year, so this is coming in a bit late. What's been added?

For starters, obviously fan art has been updated with some all encompassing winter art, plus another anniversary piece from Nidozard.

In addition, the rest of Fan Films is up to date, including this little number that you surely saw many times over already. And that's this year. Perfect for getting into the seasonal spirit.

I'll have local copies of the vids up as a backup just in case of copyright blockages or whatever else in another update.

That's all for this update. There's yet another thing, but it requires some more work on the site to have it ready to go, and I can't say for sure when that'll become usable, but once its ready, I'll update once again!

Hope you had at least a fair Christmas, all things considered, and that 2021 will be looking better!

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