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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Now go watch that Sonic movie. I know you're dying to.

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Some Kind of Father Based Wordplay

Not much to say aside from "Happy father's day". That and I've started adding stuff to the Photo gallery. It's not much and I'm too tired to to really go all in on an upload spree this weekend, but it's better than "coming soon" or whatever it said. :P Have a good one, at any rate!

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The General 2020 Winter Holiday Post

Had a really busy month this year, so this is coming in a bit late. What's been added?

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February's Looking a Lot More Pink This Year

Hope Miltank Kobayashi's your favorite character... :v

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Mother's Day and More Photos

As long as I have cartoon Pokemoms, the mother's day streak continues. I wish I had more time than I do, because maybe then this site would be 100% up to speed, but with the time that I DID have, aside from this rare art of Mama and Baby Horsea, I also finished off the Plushies gallery in Photos, as well as added the Cards gallery and bringing that one to present. The Photos sidebar is a bit weird at the moment, but I'll have it fixed.

The next update should be more interesting as it'll head back into comics territory. Until then!

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Father's Day and the Missing Artwork

Well, I admit I expected to be done with the comic pages sooner than I am, but that's how it goes, I suppose. Continuing where Mother's Day left off, however, I bring holiday fan art in addition to a bunch of artwork I did from 2019 to 2021 (which wasn't much), which I never uploaded due to the site being in transition at the time. That should make the galleries caught up from my end, but there's still some submissions to go through. I can also now just add new series art direct here, which is good should I ever decide I just want to draw and nothing else.

Well, I have deadlines approaching so I gotta get!

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Happy Holidays from 2021!

Hope you have a wonderful, or failing that, decent holiday season this year!

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