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The Hero the Pokemon World Deserves

"Wait what does this have to do with Aqua Bunny?"

Well, I think the embargo on spoilers for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon are lifted, especially being 2 more generations out now (as of the time of this post), so let's just say it's an Alternate Universe thing what with Kirby getting involved with fighting Dark Matter. You can look the rest up.

The characters here are based on the "starters" I got, but unlike Carmela, I'm not attempting to do anything with these guys, so enjoy the one off.

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Les Nouvelles Recrues

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September 2017

It's time for soccer practice! Everyone's up bright and early to hone in on their skills for the district playoffs later on.

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September 2017, Another Shot

Now we're seeing it from Goodra's point of view. Think he'll be able to block the shot in time?

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