Tita Nium

There couldn't be a more perfect character match than Tita Nium and Charlotte. So why not just fuse them (and I suck at gijinka, so getting more Tita than Lottie's not an option)? I've been following Otomedius from the sidelines ('cause some of us don't have Japanese XBox360s), but Tita's character evolution from Gorgeous to Excellent is spot on. She went from emotionless girl to the weird space case girl who gives awkward smiles over the span of one game (she still delivers lines with halfhearted apathy, though). I mean, come on, LOOK AT THAT POSTURE (it's even slouchier in the character select). The hair's bloomin' similar too, even the pig tails look like how I draw flopped Nidorina ears.

Now, I'm not much for, pardon me, "boob shooters", but Otomedius is an offshoot of Parodius, which in turn is an offshoot of Gradius, which I happens to be a series I keep tabs on. Unfortunately (IMO), Otome is 5 times the fan service and like, a third of the funny Parodius is, but hot dog I was sold when they referenced the heck out of Xexex. I mean, my God. It's, like, only one of my favorite games.