A rather important Nidorina character from a Pokemon Dungeon comic that I'm probably never going to get around to drawing. Mostly because I'm the laziest person on the planet, but also because I have trouble drawing backgrounds and sequential images.

Sanja owns and runs an inn located in a small town called Moorland. She's a hard-working, practical individual who refuses to put up with any sort of nonsense. Some feel that this makes Sanja something of a grump, but it's really just because she cares alot about her inn and wants everything to run smoothly.

Sanja's inn becomes a sort of headquarters for a pokemon rescue team after they help banish a poltergeist that had been haunting the building and terrorizing its customers. She allows this on the condition that they help with the cooking and cleaning. Sanja herself is pretty strong and occasionaly helps with missions if business is slow.

Sanja doesn't really care all that much about her appearence. The scarf she wears was made by her grandmother, who had raised her since she was a child. Sorry for the long description. I just like making characters.