For Li'l Sis

Nidorina was on her way to her daily fitness class as she saw Charlotte sitting of in a corner by herself. She had her typical look of indifference, but inside, she felt alone as she though that no one wanted to spend time with her. Nidorina, being able to sense this, decided she could take just one day off of her regular schedule to make Charlotte feel better.

Wanting to do something special for her "little sister", she decided that perhaps she could use a new look. "Just because you were born in a stasis chamber doesn't mean you have to look so grim, sweetie. I'm going to give you a cute new look, something special just for you!" Charlotte smiled in anticipation and thankfulness, happy that her "older sister" could take time out for her.

Moral: Always remember to treat your siblings with love and kindness, even if your siblings are artificial. ;)