December 31th (Option A) - Nidorina

I hope no one's surprised. Nidorina will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever be replaced as my all time favorite. Too many years in the running that can't be undone. The hardest part was actually choosing WHICH Nidorina, because there's two I like most. So for the benefit of Nidorina kind (and bias), I did both.

Option A: What you get is a slightly more wild animal-like Nidorina traded against the fact that she doesn't wear the face of a common Nidorina. If I were to use TvTropes' Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism, she sits in between Funny Animal and Civilized Animal. You should know enough about her otherwise. Loves kids, food, Nidorino, don't mess with her kids, or else she'll become downright psychotic.

Nidorina is from Poke Tales.