December 19th - Bubbles and Shockette La'Vee

Possibly the earliest characters to have a surname. I tend to get "the meh" in regards to the Eevee line generically speaking, so it's fortunate that I still have an attachment to long established Eeveeon characters long before the family's popularity exploded and my interest dwindled. My favorite Eeveeon, however, fluctuates between these two because of these two. I can't really choose who I like more sometimes, but the edge is almost always in favor of Shockette, whom I adore way too much. But who cares! It's two for the price of one. Funnily enough, my very first favorite was Flareon, and by extension, Rosie.

Not much to say here that I haven't gone into detail about before. Bubbles is the least girly-girl of the girly-girls and most artsy, Shockette has a Tsundere thing going (not on the cliched end, but she still runs hot and cold in a wild, then down-to-earth way. She has no love interests). Rosie, unpictured, is conceited but in an oblivious means-no-harm way, and cares a lot for her sisters. Joy, also unpictured, is sassy and the odd man out. All of 'em (cept Joy, being a child) are pretty girls, but aren't out to capitalize on that despite the fact that they very well could. They're basically anti-spoiled girls, despite being spoiled girls.

The Eevee Sisters (La'Vee Siblings) are from Poke Tales.