One of my all time favorite illustrations, even to this day. This is a variation of the Mrs. Nidorina series of pics, now with emphasis on just being cute. I really put a lot of effort into this just because I really like the character. Pics like these are really tributes to the different sides of her, and there are many. She's cute, heartwarming, desirable, childish, naive and oblivious. She's also emotional, anxious, selfish, sympathetic, empathetic and relatable. Things that make up natural people, all of my pictures pretty much give a glimpse of who she is at that moment. That's what makes her great. That's why she's so fun to draw. And that's why I make larger scale tribute pics like this! I could essentially do the same for Nidorino, but he's less sympathetic. But hey, I love that guy too. I love the whole family. I can't say it enough times.

PS: Bun-Bun is Nidorina's pet name, a diminutive of "bunny". Nidorino's pet name is Rinie.