Aqua Bunny-Girls

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This picture is iconic, whether you know it or not, but I'll get to that later. When a site is named "Aqua Bunny", pics like these draw themselves. Especially considering that my competition in name only wasn't all that appropriate (which I joke about here and there). Did I really have to draw this? No. But then again, it was too much to pass up, especially if people got the overall gag (which I just mentioned). It's almost like naming a website "Hot Girls" and then having an image of a woman on fire screaming like a banchee, BUT with a bikini (so it's not a total loss?). I need to remember to do that.

So why is it iconic? Well, it's not the picture itself so much as WHO'S in them. Aqua Bunny, in a fictional sense, was inspired by the kindness that Nini showed to her own Nido species, so in part, she co-owns Aqua Bunny. Nidorina exists as the mother of all important Nidorina characters (AFAIK. Someone prove me wrong because I want to know if it's true. No, really. The operative word is IMPORTANT, though, otherwise Agnes wins), so she is practically the foundation for the literal Aqua Bunny. I wanted to use these two as site hostesses for the design of Aqua Bunny v.2 (though I dunno how I would've done it). But, I dropped the idea. Still, I would say that they're pretty much the most important characters, if not for being MY first two Nidorina characters (I feel that by the time Nini was created, there had to be some other Nidorina characters out there, like Achikochi).

Strangely, though Nidorino Eto owns Aqua Bunny in fiction, he's never around in any site promotion. Then again, Nidorina and Nini don't exist in the same universe so what difference does it make?