Aqua Bunny: 13th Year Anniversary

lol well that didn't happen, now did it? 365 days later, and I'm still working on getting the new website ready. It feels like moving from one big house to another, but by yourself. There's so much stuff that you didn't realize you had that you have to pack up, and it takes forever because you don't have any friends or family to lend a hand or the funds to get some movers to assist you. On the other hand, oh, and the analogy is over, btw, it brings to the forefront just how much content this site has if it takes THIS long to move it all over. I'm not happy about having to leave the site dormant for months but being able to reflect on things as I'm reposting pictures in the new site's pages, with TAGS (hallelujah), gives me sort of a warm feeling. Well, I'll just keep doing what I can, huh?