Angel Dandruff

"You know somethin', Mr. Bubblegum? The white stuff is angel dandruff, and there's so many of 'em that the flakes choke out the sun, and that's what makes it alllll cold like. Hahhaha! You didn't think I was a regular scienintist, did ya!?"

An art trade where the subject requested is set in my own universe? It's unprecedented, but I'll take it, afterall, know one knows more about this than I do! However, the request (or perhaps challenge, even) was to feature Kirby's Poke friends as opposed to Kine's, as long as Espeon and Umbreon were present. Espeon, being a bubbly airhead (and perhaps a little slow), is actually a pretty fun character. She probably saw the most airtime of all Kirby's eons if only because she was anything but a everyman you could insert yourself into (like Charlotte), allowing her to just be a full on cartoon character (again, like Charlotte). Also Pitch because this is Dream Land, dang it.

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