A Youthful Wife

Imagery based off of a mini comic I drew a long time ago. Basically, the story was about Nidorino being an old frump while Nidorina's the happy but immature woman who needed to get out of the house. Fact of the matter is that while developing her character, I wanted her to be unconventional compared to most TV moms, but without being absolutely unrealistic (most of the time) or a polar opposite. Kind of like Peggy Hill from King of the Hill. It seems Nidorino's the more down to earth guy (instead of the cliched oafish father).

This is the part in the story regarding "Happy Cakes". Nidorino's a little freaked out when his wife decides to go into falsettos. In spite of it all, though, they balance each other out. I don't think the marriage would last long if his wife was a serious as he is.