The Nidorina in Your Dreams

All my life I've been dreamin' of this minute.

My favorite type of Nido multimedia is any content I didn't have to make myself, and this is no exception. Nidorina "Nini" Schneider makes an appearance in Dreams, a game creation system for user generated content for the PS4. Dreams user Comstuck (whose content you can find here) has modeled the 1st born genki girl and even made a target breaking mini game just for her, in which she has claws sharp enough to cut through a lamppost in one swipe, and look cute doing it, too.

Similar to Warioware DIY from 2009 (which the Aqua Bunny universe has also participated in), users of Dreams can make their own games, art, and music, but unlike Warioware was was a strictly 2D game on the Nintendo DS, Dreams allows people to make 3D sculptures, a skill I personally don't have.

That makes Nini's appearance in Dreams all the better, then considering it's something I could never reasonably accomplish. And as much as I'd love to have her appear in Smash Bros (as long as we're wishing for the impossible, in which I'd also like a full multimedia production staff and an endless supply of money), this break the targets minigame will have to do.

You can follow Comstuck on Twitter @1peach7

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