You're the Luckiest Person in the World!

I feel that if somehow Nidorina and Nidorino of AU met their successors, they would think they were the greatest people of all time. Nini would immediately spasm about Nidorina's marriage and family, wishing she could have the same (and probably not surprisingly end up the same as if it's fated). I'm sure she'd also blather regarding her admiration of how Nidorina had to fight in a way to turn her life around, seeing as Nini is a go getter herself.

Nidorino, on the other hand, will just wish he looked as good as, and had the woman attracting luck that Mr. Nidorino has. Mr. Rino will just scoff and say "You've got a lot to learn, kid". I'm sure Mr. Nidorino would help teach Nidorino how to be more of a man, because let's face it, Nidorino not only needs it, but beyond the superficial, he wants the life Mr. Nidorino has, too. Sounds like Mr. and Mrs. Nidorino could be marriage counselors. Sorta.

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