Vicious Nidorino

Well, Nidorino's my favorite. I never really thought much of the Nidos until I got FireRed, though... In that game, I kept Pokemon in my team until they evolved. When that happened, I would deposit them and switch them for unevolved Pokemon so I could keep filling up my Pokedex. (I never deposited my Charizard, though.) With the stone evos, though, I kept leveling them up until they got all of their attacks. Beacause of this, Nidorino and Nidorina stayed in my team a loooong time. They eventually became part of my main team when they learned their last attacks and I evolved them. Nidorina was always stronger than Nidorino, but I liked him nonetheless. So, yeah, he's my favorite, mur. XD;

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