Radio Nidorina 2012

I dunno what it is about girls wearing headphones, especially manga girls, but it's always cool. Nidorina is cool, I'm just adding two and two together. Well, maybe she isn't "cool" anymore so much as just fun to hang out with, but she still loves her music all the same (I think she's slowly turning into a (and I use this with extreme looseness) "hipster". I DID say I was basing her on people I know). So yeah, it's basically lol headphones girl but with Nidorina. But the truth is that she still likes headphones that let her feel the music, not those pitiful earbuds, and unlike those mock iPod illustrations in the aughts, expensive headphone illustrations will never go out of style as long as there's any song worth listening to. Anyway, a reimagining of Radio Nidorina 2010, but way better. I think this needs to be a theme. I demand more Nidorina with headphones. >:|

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