Nidorina Variations

A picture that I'm sure everyone else cares more about than me, and that includes people who haven't even seen it, and those who'd tell you that they don't. Done during the time of the Pokemon Variations meme, which I personally don't care for. That aside, it does look nice, I guess, and well thought out. I planned to create a definitive Nidorina Variations before someone else got to it (or didn't) with too much of a non-chimeric, personally projected skew, because I guess I care more about Nidorina getting a good representation than my own personal opinion of it all. Sometimes you just have to do things for the cause, and I think it may have succeeded on that end, at least on Tumblr.

There's a good blend of mammal-like monsters and non-mammal-like monsters that should give some insight into what I feel best represents Nidorina as a whole, based on actual — albeit old — research. Toxic Ooze and Royal Guard, however, are just silly extras. On that note, I intentionally wanted the picture to have a non serious, more animated look to it. A lot of variations other artists made at the time were painted more realistically, but for Nidorina, in true Aqua Bunny tradition, I felt that a light hearted, more cartoon like approach would do more for public interest than a nice looking painting that's only remembered for being nice looking, and does nothing for character perception. Watch out. Always an ulterior motive with this guy.

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