Nidorina is Mega Audino?

Have a slightly-better-than doodle. Audino was one of those Pokemon I glanced over in Pokemon Y, but I watched the anime episode where it Mega Evolves and oh my goodness. I can’t say for certain but I’m sure I died, especially after seeing the heart on the bunny like footies. It might have topped Mawile and Kangaskhan as best Mega (I need to participate in a new Pokkedex(y)). Needless to say I need to give this Pokemon another look.

I figured Nidorina would want to be just as cute, even if Audino and Mega Evolution are anachronisms in this series. Just for fun, now I wonder what a unique “Mega Evolution” would look like on her, based on her personality (there’d be a heart motif no doubt). That or an Ash-Greninja deal. Maybe I’ll doodle something some day and see how much cute I can cram into her design. Or maybe someone else can take a stab at it if they want. Or maybe nothing will happen. Who knows what comes next on this crazy planet.

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