Mother's Day 2015

Much like the cat being out of the bag for Didi, Dori Schneider has essentially been revealed already thanks to Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister (#dbssls on Tumblr :P), so that gives me cause to finally use a different character for Mother's Day. So far, Nidorina, Nidoran (from Poke Tales), Nidoqueen Nakamura, and even Charlotte have had Mother's Day art, so let's welcome Dori, hopefully the last of these because I can't keep making characters. In fairness, Nidorina's family clearly exists, so she's only new in the sense that the audience hasn't seen her before. Thanks for allowing Nini find her own path in life and letting her be herself, even if if that means she's doofy. That just means she's more entertaining at get togethers now that she's an adult!

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