Fun Pencil Doodles 2

Some more Nidos, this time including some lesser seen ones. Adding Reilina to the mix of Carmela and Nidorina makes for a nice three way hate-triangle. Oh yeah, I'm totally gonna run with that Old Navy sponsor idea in the future. You know, I was watching a bunch of late 1950's commericals one day, and I got to thinking, why don't we use animated characters to sponsor our products anymore? Where'd all the fun go? Now instead there's a bunch of commercials revolving around people working at dead end desk jobs, usually with a trio with at least one quirky guy, and the overuse of the phrase "awkward". What's awkward is how anybody could see that as entertainment. I'd love to sponsor a product with a cartoon character, with something catchy and fun so you'd actually remember it next time you went to the store. Heck, maybe I'll start looking into side work for it, things need to change around here.

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