Flipside Skyline

I went through the trouble of coloring it, but I kind of knew I wanted it monochrome from the very beginning.  At any rate, it was supposed to look like a single tone print in a very early newspaper or magazine, hence, again, my decision to go monochrome (though actually you get two colors). Anyway, It's interesting to think how much Alternate Nidorina has come into her own and grew to become her own entity, but even then, you can take Nidorina out of Nidorina, but you can't take the Nidorina out of Nidorina. Or something like that. As opposed to doing a more cliched "twinsies" picture, I decided to do something more fun, all while making a point. Even though AU Nidorina doesn't have any of her own children, she still loves interacting with them (or the good ones, as she puts it). They both like to get dressed for occasions, and sometimes for no real reason at all. And despite growing up in the woods like her predecessor, Dimensional Variant Nidorina is very much a city girl at heart. Tales Nidorina isn't so much a city woman as she is someone who just finds it such an amazing place to be with so much to do and so much to see, and enjoys visiting whenever she can. She's just less bored in the sticks.

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