Easter 2015 - Dressed for the Occasion

I remember the days when our mom would have us dress up for Easter. Not my favorite part of the day, or the church service that felt like it dragged for ages, but I'll tell ya I loved the colored hard boiled eggs and candy! I'm still not exactly keen on dress shirts. Or ironing them. And ties, the working man's noose? No thanks. But enough about my editorial on dress clothes (and yes, even if I dislike them I'll still wear them where appropriate, I'm not a slob).

I thought this would be a cute idea, but I got lazy and tired of working on it. This is why group pictures need to be done days in advance, or with no deadline, because I have to take breaks from them. With that in mind, I like 2014's better, but it's nice to see the full extension of Nidorino's family, even if Chicolita and Eevee are only an adopted niece and nephew respectively. Time to go to Fern Garden to show it all off! Also, I like how Needles looks like he's going to mix me a drink, or deal some cards or something.

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