December 22nd - Ampharos

A jaunty gait, a hearty laugh, and a luxurious head of long flowing fleece. Ladies and gentlemen, Ampharos is back.

The reason Ampharos was chosen as a favorite Mega Evolution is mostly because it's a concept that is way too new, and it's not like I finished Pokemon Y or even battle enough to care when this picture was made. In fact, the only other Mega Evo I've touched so far was Lucario, and I just don't care about Lucario. Mawile, Kangashkan and Audino could've been considered had I actually reached them (in fact, these days I'm pretty sure Kangashkan or Audino would be my selected choice). It also helped that at the least, Ampharos retained its charm and simplicity to a degree.

I don't recall much about Ampharos, being the Pokemon of the day in Poke Legends, but I think he was a beacon of some sort? That's gonna require me looking it up. What I can say is that he certainly never Mega Evolved. The concept was unheard of back then. Then again, so was any more than 251 Pokemon.

Ampharos is from Poke Legends, whereas the Mega Evolution is mainly hypothetical.

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