Bun-Bun 2012

You know, years ago when I made the first Bun-Bun, or even earlier, this is the kind of art I would've paid for, commission wise. I'm glad I've finally reached this point. It's not overly detailed like Super Version BUN BUN, but just enough to probably pass on a site like Pixiv (that's all I ever wanted, really).

Like the original Bun-Bun, I wanted it to have that similar anime cuteness. And like all Bun-Buns, there's some extra doodles or whatever in the BG. This time, though, it's some slightly spruced up Nidorina comic bits from Poke Tales and/or Legends (the artwork's unchanged). If you can make them out, I betcha they make Nidorina look a bit cracked or unstable. :) Heh heh heh... yeeaaah. Also, Nidorino comes off as a total butthole. Don't you just love how things turn out out of context?

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