Pokemon Junior #7: Nidoran's New Friend

Published by Scholastic Inc.

Basically a printed, slightly editorialized version of the episode Wherefore Art Thou Pokemon, but for the theater of the mind. I've scanned this whole book both to entertain and to archive, considering it's over 20 years old, it might not be such a bad idea. Also, how often do Nidos get selected to be the focus of anything? It's worth archiving solely for that reason alone.

Check out the full post for the entire book.

Quick editorial from me, if there's one thing I like about the book, it's that with what limited illustrations it has, it's mostly the Nidoran and sometimes other Pokemon. Humans in general show up, what, thrice, and there's no whitespace wasted on NPCs. It's just kinda nice to see licensed media get to the real heart of the matter (Mystery Dungeon and Pokepark-esque games nonwithstanding), the reason people still buy these games and yet the one thing Game Freak themselves doesn't put enough depth into. Alas, that train left the depot decades ago so it's probably too late for that kind of specific focus anyway. Welp, whatever! Enjoy the book!

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