Let's Find Pokemon

Published by Viz Communications.

I've scanned this whole book both to entertain and to archive. You can play along while you're here, but since this is Aqua Bunny, let's make it even MORE interesting. In the following pages, don't only do what each page tells you to, but find all six Nidos as well. And trust me, they're on each page. Ahhh, the joys of only having 151 Pokemon. They can't be edged out by lesser posers yet.

Check out the full post for the entire book.

Speaking of Nidos, Nidorina is pretty cute on the upcoming page. One thing to note is some model inconsistencies. Sometimes Nidorino has six spikes ala the Red/Green Sugimori art, sometimes he has his standard five. Sometimes Nidoran has a tail, sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes she has some actual anatomy (! Find her in Celadon, for example), sometimes she's just in blob form like the anime. I won't even get started on how Nidorina changes all the time. Anyway, take the best pics where you can get them, I say.

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