Extras From the Past

If you want to see preservations of the past or stuff that was otherwise hidden in older versions of the site, this is where you'll find it. Check it out!

Link to Nidoran Fan Page via Internet Archive - Only a broken splash can be retrieved, but it proves existence.

Link to Aqua Bunny v1 via Internet Archive - My, how quaint! Some people may remember this version.

Scan of a very rough plan for Nidoran Fan Page

Hidden coming soon message for Aqua Bunny 1. No one saw this unless they were snooping around.

The original Aqua Bunny Logo.

Old "email me" pixel art. I wonder if anybody used this?

Brief coming soon message for Aqua Bunny 2, based on the concept that Aqua Bunny 2 was supposed to use Nidorina & Nidorina as hostesses. Axed it because it felt contrary to the general audiences setting, and it'd've been difficult for me, the non web designer, to implement the idea. You see, Aqua Bunny 2 was supposed to have 3 selectable layouts, classic felt like the old one (but optimized), contemporary which would look clean, and Navi which had characters all over in a fun way. It proved cumbersome, and the current design is a mixture of contemporary and Navi, using the category art as background images. Have you ever noticed them? That aspect has been carried over to Aqua Bunny 3, too!

Very old slogan. This picture was for my first website (Kirby centric but like a really early Creative Worlds).

On same website as above. It kinda uses Poke Tales characters, inspired by an actual event/episode in the series. It's possible that this is actually Mrs. Nidorina, in that she wasn't exactly drawn much differently than this at the time.

Same proto CW website. Man things haven't really changed all that much, have they?

Proto Nini. This was before Poppistar Universe existed, but after I had already caught a Nidorina in Pokemon Silver and equipped her with the Pink Bow and took her to get a virtual haircut. It wouldn't take long for her to debut as an actual character.

Proto Nidorino Eto. Same story as above, sans bows and haircuts.

Some Nidoran Fan Page fan art:

Males vs Females. Like the articles here, there was a summary of which Nido was better in battle between each stages counterpart. Seeing as Nidoran Female and Nidorina had more statistical benefits, they came out on top, but Nidoking trumped Nidoqueen. This was the accompanying artwork.

Males vs Females - Results

Nidoran Fan Page forum buttons and signature images:

Nidoran Fan Page gifs: