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Yeah, this picture would be better suited for Creative Worlds, but bear with me. Seeing as I could work Tetran into some wordplay, it wasn't long before I considered Tenny Rop (aka Tetran 2). It was gonna be piloted by a Buneary long ago, but then I realized that l/rop wasn't anywhere to be found in its name (including the original). Lopunny didn't sit along side Nidoran very well like a Buneary would've, so I decided I would make her a boss-ish character, and give her an actual name. Lopear is the lieutenant of the Jade Rabbit (moon rabbit) fleet, which I jokingly decided were all but useless to the Bacterian army. Having recently seen some Otomedius X gameplay, it gave me the "oh what the heck" boost I didn't necessarily want to finally draw this out. So, here it is, a parody of a parody of a parody. Excuse the lack of a real commanding outfit, no one wears anything in Otome (not literally). This piece itself still has a Parodius-ish vibe because dangit, they should've continued that series instead.

Everyone viewing this: "Why can't he draw normal Pokemon art like everybody else?"

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