Pokemon X and Y - All Nido Family Cries

The first game in the series that changes up and adds more sounds to each Pokemon. Above is Nidoran Female's default cry that you're all used to by now, but what about the other variations? View Post to listen to the rest, as well as the other 5 Nidos in the line!

Nidoran Female - Attention

Nidoran Female - Excited

Nidoran Female - Frustrated

Nidoran Female - Disappointed

Nidorina - Default

Nidorina - Attention

Nidorina - Excited

Nidorina - Frustrated

Nidorina - Disappointed

Nidoqueen - Default

Nidoqueen - Attention

Nidoqueen - Excited

Nidoqueen - Frustrated

Nidoqueen - Disappointed

Nidoran Male - Default

Nidoran Male - Attention

Nidoran Male - Excited

Nidoran Male - Frustrated

Nidoran Male - Disappointed

Nidorino - Default

Nidorino - Attention

Nidorino - Excited

Nidorino - Frustrated

Nidorino - Disappointed

Nidoking - Default

Nidoking - Attention

Nidoking - Excited

Nidoking - Frustrated

Nidoking - Disappointed