What is Aqua Bunny? Rest assured, it is not a site dedictated to Azumarill.

Aqua Bunny is a Pokemon fan site with a heavy emphasis on the Nido family of Pokemon, started because Nidorina specifically got a bad rep ever since the beginning.

Truth be told, there are some things that work against her:

  • She’s not very strong.
  • She’s not a cute ball of fluff like Eevee or some such.
  • She’s female. Yeah. Apparently that can still be reason enough.
  • The Pokemon Company itself doesn't seem to be arsed to utilize her (or the other Nidos for that matter) very much.   Nidos don't have much marketability, and Nidorina herself is one of the lowest ranked Pokemon as determined in a merchandise poll taken at Pokemon  Centers in Japan.
  • Overall, she’s not very popular.


So why bother at all? Guess I should just quit while I’m ahead, right? Wrong. The purpose of Aqua Bunny is to show how in a world full of countless Pikachu, Eevee and other forms of hot ticket Pokemon glorification, there can be a big website for a species that has been conceptualized since the pencil hit paper. With enough dedication, how one can make a website for something seemingly insignificant and turn it around. Hoping people can realize that the Nido family can be interesting too, in ways you may have never thought possible, but only if you allow that chance.

It's easy to dismiss them as boring, but frankly, I could say the same of every Pokemon under the sun, and rightfully so! They don't have personalities on their own! They're vehicles meant to win battles and project yourselves onto. That said, there’s no need for Nidos, or really, any other Pokemon to be boring. All it really takes is a will and some imagination, some guts to step outside the safe zone, and the possibilities are endless. And that’s why I created this site.