Crane Crazy

The 2020 version of Crane Crazy is an update that's meant for standalone execution, being something I worked on well knowing Flash Player would vanish from the internet. Gone are the leaderboards that likely weren't working anymore and in its place is a local best and recent scores table. Also, your scores will be saved to your game! Many other quality of life improvements are made such as better pacing, crane now properly detects the proximity to the center of the doll to determine grabs, making the game more skill based rather than luck based (and thus making Absolute Ripoff the only mode that retains the cheating crane), properly looping music* (see note below), music fades via code, better overall sound quality, and other odds and ends.

Try it out above or download the game below (preferred for the intended experience). Windows only for the time being, I still need to test the MacOS version.

*Seeing as Ruffle is still a work in progress, there may be some audio issues (won't load or fade audio when the game should clearly do so). Not much I can do until Ruffle gets that fixed. If you want to get the most out of it, download the executable.