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Nidorina "Nido-san" Chibi Plushie

I get what I want... when I make it, that is. The first of the chibi plushies. This isn't the first doll I've ever made, but the first with a sheer amount of details. Made from a velour blend and felt, with a polyester bow. She stands about 8 inches tall. Being the first doll, there was still some kinks to work out for later dolls.

The chibi series dolls are based from the Chibi-Chibi Nido dolls of Crane Crazy, although the eyes are more like Riri's. My sister arranged the doll and took the pictures. That explains why it looks better.

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A Small Collection of Nidorina

One of these creatures has a different name than the rest. Can you guess who that is? A rather small potatoes collection of the Nidorina collectables I have, fan created and mass produced. I don't have access to all of my stuff, just what's on hand. For example, I'm missing official things like the more recent keychains and the Bandai Battle figure to the crafty things like the clay Mrs. Nidorina and the Nidorina pin I made for Creative Worlds waaaay way back. Let it never be said that I didn't make it clear who my favorite Pokemon is. As for what's next, hard to say given the limits of Nidorina merch that doesn't completely suck and isn't worth the shipping costs, but I could use a new figurine because the current one is very old and getting grimy. I also know I'm missing the evolutionary line set (which fortunately, AB has still been provided a pic of), but don't know where to obtain that, partially because I'm not making the effort to look. On the fan side, I would love newer character dolls. Larger and only kind of super deformed. I don't know who's gonna make these wonderful dolls but it's gotta happen before I end this site (heck I'd get the bootleggers on it if they were taking design submissions and didn't charge me for 1,000 ^^;). As for the current ones, the eyes on Nidorina and her mirror world counterpart have bleached to orange due to time, but if that's the worst of it, it's no big deal. Still precious things to have considering.

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