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Nido Pins

The only one I'm missing is Nidoking, which only bothers me on a collector level (what little of a collector I am). Nidoran Female and Nidoqueen are both great for different reasons. The worst is clearly Nidorino. That's a shame.

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Male Nido Keychains

At the time when I first uploaded these, I didn't know where they got the new designs from, but even now, I still think they look kinda off. That's not a great Nidorino, and Nidoran still looks underfed, but hey, it was still better than them using the old stock poses. That, and I was still happy Nidos got something in 2010 (or so), period.

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Unofficial Nido Magnets

Got these in Chinatown. Of course, anyone could've made these, and they just filched artwork from an image search I'm sure (Nidoran Female isn't even the same quality as the rest of her evolutions for goodness sake), but they were cheap, and Nido, which equaled "gotta have". The cool thing about the store was that the magnets they were selling leaned towards Nido (like) favoritism, as they were only selling Nidos, Ratta family, and Rhyhorn family magnets (with a one off Hypno, Golem, and Oak/Jenny/Joy/somebody else magnet). That coupled with the fact that most Chinatown wares cater to the first generation, and it's a shopping spree.

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