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Charlotte Chibi Plushie

The somber experiment has finally arrived! The deadpan look and the hair make this doll cute. My sister has one as well, but so do a few others around the world. Just how many times was Seven duplicated? World chaos is afoot.

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Mama Nidorina Chibi Plushie

The second chibi Nidorina plushie I made. She's slightly wider than the other dolls, but this is intentional as she's slightly wider than most Nidorina anyhow. Being the second doll, I had figured the patterns to use out by now. The picture was taken in our flower "garden", some being real and others aesthetic filler.

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Nidorina "Nido-san" Chibi Plushie

I get what I want... when I make it, that is. The first of the chibi plushies. This isn't the first doll I've ever made, but the first with a sheer amount of details. Made from a velour blend and felt, with a polyester bow. She stands about 8 inches tall. Being the first doll, there was still some kinks to work out for later dolls.

The chibi series dolls are based from the Chibi-Chibi Nido dolls of Crane Crazy, although the eyes are more like Riri's. My sister arranged the doll and took the pictures. That explains why it looks better.

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Nidorina 3DS Decal

I had this made years ago, but I never used it and forgot about it. It's actually a good thing I never used it, considering I busted up that 3DS anyway. But I bet they'd look cool, though. They look pretty cool right here, even.

The design is mine, but I had someone else print it off. He used to be good, but the last time I used him (for the 2017 contest) he vastly inflated his prices... and then sent me versions with poorer quality at that, so I can't recommend him, unfortunately (if he's still doing it at all).

I also have one in black. View post to see that one, too.

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