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Inspired by the previous XEXEX picture by DynamiteManEXE, I decided to go full on Cave here. I'll let you figure out the references. If you can't, Google things like "Cave bug girl" or, I'll give you this one, "Esprade". Or even "Cave shooting games" because I'll guarantee you'll find them all that way. Long story short, I love this company. It's a shame it had to go the way of "we're just doing mobile in Japan now". The games aren't even made by the same staff so all the post Saidaioujou efforts feel — unsurprisingly — devoid of magic.

All that said, Cave? I recommend. Or rather, I reco-mmend, right? And if nothing else, just listen to some of the soundtracks from these games, especially anything Manabu Namiki is attached to. This is the style of music I must have in my (larger effort) original games.

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Savin' E-Square!

Feelin' that Breeze on your back?

Enterin' With Zero G

There, the path's Crystal Clear:

Proceedin' with the Polygontal Energy,

Give 'em all a Happy Daymare!

So Go For Broke with that Black Eight Ball,

And go rescue My Kutie Pie, Irene

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I Hooked a Chubby Cheeked Didi

There’s nothing weird about being you, just be yourself, you’ll live a much longer, happier life. Now, I wonder how they made this trick work…

I love working with the Schneider sisters. They’re always into doing something fun, and maybe a little bit weird to add a little spice to someone’s otherwise routine day. But they’re also really positive people (or Nidos, or whatever), which affects those around them. Love breeds love, you know.

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The lazy half-baked sequel no one was asking for, but you got anyway.

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It's Patrick d.'s Nidorina character from his AU comic :V

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Patrick d. makes some pretty cool nidos, so I sketched one of them. Deal with it

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Tunes to Go

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Mask of Oneself

Looks can be deceiving.

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Dream City

This is my first time trying to create a large scene with several small pixeled characters. There were a lot of little scenarios with various characters I had in mind so I tried to include as many as i could. Because of that, there are some inconsistencies (Nidorino, Nidoqueen, and BKI working in the same building?) But I included them all in anyway just for the sake of having everyone there.

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Tea Love

For long time I was wondering how to make this drawing. The relationship of two sisters was new topic for me. I ran with the idea when I walked into the room with a cup of tea, and my older sister wanted to scare me, so she jumped out from behind the door. I scared and spilled a drink on myself. I was angry, but it helped me realize how it may be look like sister-sister relationship :3

When I drew it, I had a lot fun. Subject was not a stranger to me, and I love to draw nidos, because they are small, fatty and extremely charming :).

I was lucky, because Nini is my favorite of the whole Patrick's Nido-family. I'm very happy that art-trade come to fruition! =D

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