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The Special Place

Gray days are Big Daddy's favorite kind of day. It reminds him of the time he found Nisanna. When things are peaceful in the big city, Big Daddy and Nisanna leave to a special place about five miles from his hideout. Not many of the guys in Big Daddy's gang know about this place, but the ones who do know better than to go there unless it was something terribly important.

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Nisanna and Hector

This is Nisanna the Nidorina and Hector 'Big Daddy' Rino the Nidoking. Nisanna has been with Big Daddy ever since she was a little Nidoran. He saved her from death after her mother abandoned her. Nisanna apparently had some sort of health problem, but Big Daddy is an ol' softie, despite his rough and tumble ways with his gang, and decided to look after her as his adoptive daughter. Nisanna's suffered a bout of pneumonia on a couple of occasions, causing her to be weak, but she's just as big a help in Big Daddy's gang by taking care of them when they're injured in their many turf wars with Emperor Aganthis and his Empoleon gang.

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Utamu: That One Eyed B***h

This is one of my Pokemon from Soul Silver. Her name is Utamu and she's an awesome Nidorina.

She lost her right eye battling the Red Gyarados (now in my possession) in the Lake of Rage. Utamu seems to have hold a grudge against the Gyarados (now named Atrocia) and they fight whenever they are together; the fights are particularly nasty because of her Ability, Rivalry, so they can never be in the same party.

Despite her love of fighting, she has a Docile nature; she's pretty motherly towards the other Pokemon in the group, as she's also the oldest member.

The original picture is 2.5x3.5 and it was done in pencil and tweaked in Photoshop CS2

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