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Father's Day 2020: Bushy Brows

Expressive eyebrows! Not sure where Kent's eyebrows come from, seeing as Nidoking don't have hair. I drew this to be something of the male version of the "Mom Laugh" mother's day picture from 2018.

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Dream City

This is my first time trying to create a large scene with several small pixeled characters. There were a lot of little scenarios with various characters I had in mind so I tried to include as many as i could. Because of that, there are some inconsistencies (Nidorino, Nidoqueen, and BKI working in the same building?) But I included them all in anyway just for the sake of having everyone there.

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Father's Day 2014

You know, combined with the beginning of Creative Worlds, I bet within the total time these sites have been up, some people have likely started having children of their own. Isn't that a wild thought?

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Christmas 2013

Holiday comics are definitely a thing. In fact, now you have four of them. This was the alternative to a much more elaborate picture I wanted to do (couldn't due to the Tumblr December Pokemon a Day thing), but this still took quite a long time. This method is exactly like how I'd want Chibi's Corner to look, which is probably why I like Jirachi's the most by association.

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Father's Day 2011

It's time to upgrade, dad. But if you're over 200 years old, can you really be blamed for just wanting something you're handy with that's stood the test of time? Talk about a generation gap! This Father's Day piece was made in relation to the dads out there who received gifts that were either impractical or they just have no use for, but are well aware of the good intentions of their sons and daughters (especially if you've got a teenager willing to spend big bucks on an expensive gadget!). Here's hoping you dads out there aren't stuck with "World's Greatest Dad" ties! But remember, this day is about appreciating the father figure in your life, and showing him you care, so here's to all the respectable fathers the world over.

PS: I think I've kissed up to Jeff Smith enough in this piece. :)

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Kent Berkley!

I don't really draw Nidoking, I think we've established that. But between a generic one, the one from Poke Island and Kent, I'd have to say I actually enjoy the entire concept of Kent. The PI one looks just like a generic one anyway, 'cept maybe friendlier. On the other hand, Kent's got an interesting face. And that's just for starters. And then the idea of this stoic but respectable, several generations old Nidoking who basically lives to do his trade in carpentry... I dunno, it's kind of funny to me because his demeanor would be the type of the predictable old world hard worker who takes pride in the self made man (and whatever country he lives in). This would be normal if it wasn't for the fact that the rest of the world has moved on to the information age. So I felt like drawing him getting right to work, because back in his day, a man had to live by his principles.

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