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Aqua Bunny’s 13th Anniversary

Here’s my artwork for Aquabunny’s 13th anniversary event, and to celebrate this anniversary I shall say something out to Aquabunny.

 Thank you for bringing joy to your fans and our favorite Pokémon, you gave the nido evolution line a reason to be loved and a reason to be favorited among others, your artwork and your characters alone are amazing and will always bring a smile to me and your other fans’ faces. Thank you for showing your art and your appreciation to our favorite evolution line.

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Happy 13th Anniversary

I drew you a pic, I know the anniversary was 1 month ago... i started the pic 1 month ago aprox but i was busy and i'm slow drawing. I hope you like it (sorry for the quality -o-;)

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Savin' E-Square!

Feelin' that Breeze on your back?

Enterin' With Zero G

There, the path's Crystal Clear:

Proceedin' with the Polygontal Energy,

Give 'em all a Happy Daymare!

So Go For Broke with that Black Eight Ball,

And go rescue My Kutie Pie, Irene

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An Alternate Universe's Cave Story?

Probably because I am currently attempting to cover all its songs, I did a crossover with these guys and the game featured here: Cave Story. AKA one of the best indie games ever conceived by a one man team. I highly recommend giving it a look.


  • Rina as the resident doofy-yet-dependable Curly Brace, who I figured would have an affinity to rescue every last unfortunate adorable creature present
  • Rino as the main lead: "Mr Traveler," who I figured would't pass up the opportunity to be a vid-game protagonist who powers up by collecting what resemble Doritos
  • Charlotte as resident Team Rocketesque member 1: Misery, who fits as a powerful mage (or mage-like in Lotte's case) and is chained to an extremely powerful arcane artifact. I noticed Lotte also could have also worked as our silent main protagonist; heck, it woulda worked as a sisterly dynamic. :3c
  • Sentret as resident Team Rocketesque member 2: Balrog, since they have similar childish personalities, and when I saw the ref with Sentret flapping his arms, it sealed the deal for me
  • and Kine as the game's nefarious antagonist: the Doctor, who I just wanted an excuse to draw the "leering overlooker with Gendo Ikari's glowing glasses"
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I [Words] [Rhyme] [Words] Poutine!

I sure have been making a lot of food art lately. You know what needs to be done? A collaborative recipe book. :P But ah, a tasty Canadian dish for our favorite Canadian Ni... Oh noes. I don't have any Canadian Nidos! I better rewrite some character backgrounds. Um, uh, okay! Nidorino is now Canadian. That's right, Canada. He's YOUR problem now!

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Satisfied Customers?

Nidorina's gotta channel that self expression and free spirit into something. Not everyone has hair or something worth stylizing, though, so Kine just gets a wig and Kirby gets his Wheel Ability hat. Nidoqueen gets a row of scales spiked and colored at the tips, complete with a prop wardrobe Nidorina likely has in a trunk somewhere for photoshoots. Ah, the life of a stylist.

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Blonde Style

Our favorite brunette, or should I say bluenette decided to dye her hair blonde and be weird for some reason. Just another day. Could it just be a marketing tactic for her salon, or has she just been following too many alternative bloggers? Funnily enough, this is based on real experience. By the by, I want that kick-booty shirt. I originally considered a (Real) Dark Matter print over Kracko, but I figured it would be mistaken for a flower.

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I Love You Too

A romantic moment nobody could mess-up. Nidorino was too cheap to buy the tickets to the festival (the reason for fireworks) D: at least they saw the fireworks :D.

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Alternate Universe Nidos

The major Nidos of Alternate Universe, all once owned by Kine (considering it's based on my actual Silver game). Done in that sort of over the top Manga style where everyone and everything is blushing. Maybe they all have rosacea. I really like what I did here, though I'm biased and still like Bun-Bun better.

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Look Out World, Here Comes Nido-panda!

This pic features Nido-san and Nidorino. I saw Kung-Fu Panda today, hence Nidorino's outfit, and it was the funniest movie I have ever seen!

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