How Do I Tutorial?

During my mission to collect all kinds of tutorials to try out for no other reason than to expand my skillset, I've come across many that were less than helpful. This short bit is essentially a "comic imitates life" work. I remember seeing one that didn't tell you how anything was done at all. It was basically sketch, flat color, draw over your lines, and finished, and this was for a very detailed comic style human, so the jump is drastic. With people being way, way harder to draw than animals (arguably, I've seen plenty of art where the animals look tacked on and derpy (and some with Pokemon, even, and they have cheats!) but the humans are really solid), I'd think you wouldn't want to skip the steps between 3 and "4". Anyway, yeah, saying "add details" tells nobody anything. With what? The power of positive thinking? That all being said, there's still plenty of good tutorials, I just thought this was a funny observation.