Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister - First Production Set ~ Comic 31 - End of Set

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31 - WORDS

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31 - WORDS (Part 2)


Oh ho ho, I planned this series of events so early... I knew Nini's behavior would be a sticking point to Dori while she was still trying to figure out what it's like to raise a daughter, and I knew she'd be oblivious to her child feeling crushed on the inside by words she once said somewhat innocuously. She needed to hear similar words coming from someone else to realize just how much she hurt Nini. This story was also inspired by a retreat thing I attended once, where a lot of people opened up about their problems, and in almost far too many cases it stemmed from a moment in childhood where a parent or parents did or said something that made their children feel inadequate, and they could never live up to them in their minds after that point. It's one of those takeaways where it's like, if only that was nipped in the bud sooner, but people have to be open enough to talk, and receptive enough to listen, no matter what the age. A story was told where something similar had happened (a child misinterpreting, felt unloved internally), so I knew I had to go through with these.


Returning to form in a way.

34 - GIFT

Promo 1

This is the promotional cover/title for when I first started this. It was going to be way faster in that the ages just zipped by, but I decided to really slow it down so that I could get in as many kid events as possible. Also, it was going to be all over the place chronologically, meaning as opposed to following the ages upward, they could be at an age for any story just as long as it came to mind. I figured that would be confusing as nobody ever evolves (Nini only does so during the Johto adventure), and body types don't change that much, leaving you to only judge by size and possibly subject.

Promo 2

Displayed when "new content week" ended, which was with IDENTITY being the last comic at that point.

Promo 3

And then the return due to demand, allowing me to finish the first set. The funny thing is that these are slightly older versions of Nini and Didi than the entire first production shows (I guess keeping it in the spirit of other promos). You can tell because Didi seems a bit more autonomous and self aware of her matching Nini's idiocy compared to her more wide eyed 5 year old self. If anything, this would have made a good Production Set 2 promo in retrospect, but it is what it was.