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It’s really saying something when you still love a character for many years. Almost half your life. You have to really be a serious fan of something to still have a strong interest in it, even if it’s just the character. Of course I mean Nidorina, but it began with Nidoran female.

There was just something about Nidoran female back in the day. I don’t know what. I’ll tell you this much, I love rodents and rabbits. While this includes Rattata and even Raticate, there's something atypical about Nidoran, and I gravitate to things that are different. It’s like the animal that looks familiar, but you really don’t know what it is. It kept me intrigued.

Don't tell me how to feel.Nidorina was generally given a chance out of pity. She seemed awful neglected, even back in 1999 when there weren’t a whole lot of options. I also like a sense of individuality, so the idea of being the only person who could utilize Nidorina back then was more than incentive. With a creative mind to make something interesting out of nothing, I created a character...

I created the character who would become known as Nidorina, a loving creature of the same name.

It was a test to see if I could make Nidorina interesting, and her introductory story was meant to make people perhaps think twice about her (and not to judge a person without full understanding, the overall moral). She became an instant favorite of mine, and a primary character of the Poke Tales and Legends series, possibly because no other character I’ve ever created (yet) has as much in-depth growth as she does. My interest in her as a character is what really started my general interest in the species as a whole. I started to use Nidorina in games, draw the generic species, smile like a dope when I got to see her in 3D for the first time in Pokemon Stadium, and other stupid things that’d make me squeal (like IGN’s really old Pokemon of the Day article with Nidorina writing in her diary. Seriously, that made my day). Then many other characters spawned from her, most of them retaining some sort of piece of her.

So why do I like Nidorina? It’s a trickle down effect caused by one character. And THAT’S why I love Nidorina in general. It’s no wonder why I consider “Mrs. Nidorina” to be my all time favorite character. No other character has had that kind of impact.
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