Aqua Bunny WWDIY at DoujinSoft, and Site Dormancy

It was brought to my attention that there is now an online site for playing Wario Ware DIY games right in your browser! Of course, I immediately went to check if that included the Aqua Bunny High Functionality Pack, and sure enough, it does! At the time of posting, the Vendors comic starring Lisa and Tuff are not entirely archived properly, but I sent an email to the site runner with a copy of the sav file found on this site, so perhaps they can get that cleared up in due time. Also, there's no way to sort by "software" label, so to speak, but I did retrieve all 26 links to the individual games so you can get right to them. As for the comics, you'll have to go to the Comics tab on DoujinSoft Store, and search for "Vendors".

You can find all the links to the games on this page.

I've also updated Ruffle for good measure. Perhaps some of those swfs will be working better in the games and fan films pages. Hopefully Crane Crazy will actually play the sound correctly.

As for Aqua Bunny itself, if you've been checking back, you can see I haven't been updating outside of once in a blue moon. Currently I'm pretty busy in furthering my career, so I have to put this site on pause for a while. I should have mentioned this sooner, but better late with some sort of notice than never with no explanation. At best, this site'll only receive rare updates like this for about another year or so, but I do still intend to finish up SOOAKK and another holiday animation, if nothing else, but it won't be for quite some time, potentially in 2024. With that, thanks for visiting, and see ya when I see ya!

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