A Motherload of Motherly Art For Mother's Day

I haven't missed a Mother's Day yet, and 2020 isn't the year to break that combo. Using the holiday comic format seems to be a tradition now, too, considering I started doing it at the end of 2012, so enjoy this new addition to the Holiday gallery.

Speaking of galleries, mother's day and mothers, I am now 90% finished with transferring the galleries from Aqua Bunny 2 to AB3. All's that's left is the Alternate Universe gallery, and then the fan art section of the site will be up to date with where it left off before the migration, if not after, and once galleries are complete I can add art to it that wasn't there before, such as what I'm doing with the Holiday gallery. In the meantime, you can go back and more easily browse the complete Holiday, Mixed/Others and Poke Island Series galleries for the many and starring moms of Aqua Bunny, such as Mrs. Nidorina here.

Have a good one, stay safe, and don't forget to call your mom like I just did! Whoops!

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