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Alternate Universe: We Still Love You, Nidorino ~ Page 42 - End

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Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister - Second Production Set ~ Title - Comic 50

The love, lessons and stupidity continues in the Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister second production set. Join Nini, Didi, and the rest of the Schneider family and experience how life was for the family growing up together.

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Always Take a 15 Minute Rest Every Hour Between Game Play

Lisa and Tuff tired out from too much gaming. You can tell this picture is old because I doubt they're using their Wii much anymore. At least not compared to whatever current gen home console they're playing now.

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I made a picture for the animation, "Wii".

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Crazy Convention

So if the Nido chars went to some convention, who would they be? Pretty much everyone is either dressed according to a personality, or just because they're genuinely weird. Or because their mother put it on them. I don't watch anime, so I just generalized ideas, but here's the rundown:

  • Lisa and Tuff: Catgirls. They think it'll make them more attractive. HAH. Know any people like this?

  • Needles: Superman. Because mommy thought it looked cute. Dang, I can't help but smile every time I see this kid.

  • Diana: Frog. Oh, too cute.

  • Charlotte: Robot who also pilots mechas or something. Theres a lot of chicks like that in those series...

  • Totodile: Lucas. He's a momma's boy, too.

  • Nidorina Schneider: Bounty Hunter. If she wasn't so nice, I could see this being a real occupation.

  • Nidorino Eto: Magical Girl. Because he's touched in the head.

  • Mrs. Nidorina: French Maid. Can't say it doesn't fit, unless she bought it in a small. Try the shrimp, folks, I'm here all night.

  • Eevee: Detective. He always pretends to be one or some such, and he gives ("yucky") dames sass.

  • Mr. Nidorino: Dr. Black Jack (slightly). I dunno, but I figured girls would want Nidorino even more now.

Now, all this aside, I actually dislike conventions. It's really just too much. However, an excuse to play dress up is an excuse to play dress up. Character wise, mind.

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31 Days of Pokemon - December 2013

MUCH larger version here.

Created for a Tumblr marathon known as POKEDDEXY. The point was to draw each of your favorite Pokemon of each type, and then some as you'll see down the line. I didn't actually finish it until January, 2014, due to a late start, other obligations, and the fact that a portion of the art actually has some thought in it rather than really fast doodles. Well, of course I was gonna want to use them later, might as well make them at least half-presentable. This picture was created in the style of Pop'n Music/Rhythmic Pop'n.

Patterns from webtreats ETC. Also, inspired by an official piece of PNM promo art, so there's some similarities.

I'm still taken aback by the fact that there's Pokemon beyond Generation III in this picture. Gosh, who'da thunk it? There's also a bit of cosplay for those of you who also revel in obscure Japanese fun n' games, and just for kicks, two extras decided to... Pop'n... for a cameo (who won't be pictured otherwise). :D Not ashamed of that, nope.

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Switch Soon

Drawn for the 11th year of these characters existing, it won't be long before they get themselves a Switch.

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Christmas 2013

Holiday comics are definitely a thing. In fact, now you have four of them. This was the alternative to a much more elaborate picture I wanted to do (couldn't due to the Tumblr December Pokemon a Day thing), but this still took quite a long time. This method is exactly like how I'd want Chibi's Corner to look, which is probably why I like Jirachi's the most by association.

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New Year 2017 - New Year's Resolutions

Will any of them follow through? I'm sure Pikachu, Lisa and Sentret will, and Tuff is just looney enough to go through with hers, too.

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Mega Man Legends 3: Cancelled

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