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August 2016, More Mantis

A close up of the not-Scyther.

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August 2018: I'm Getting Exotic

"I personally went for the Smoked Alligator Sausage, having previous experience with the stuff, and I can vouch for it being one fine piece of meat. You know me, it it fits between bread, it goes in my head!"

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August 2018: My Sister's Theory

"My sister Didi went with the Hawaiian Dog from Theory. She swears up and down that it was a worthwhile investment."

"Nini, you don't understand. That pineapple relish was to die for!"

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September 2018: What a View!

A view from high up, looking down the river as the sun starts its decent towards the horizon.

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October 2018, Hanging Pumpkins

In one of the areas of the maze hangs this very cute display of lights and pumpkins. It's like Christmas in October!

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