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Pokemon 4Koma Big Encyclopedia: 032

From the 4koma by Takahiro Yamashita.

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Alternate Universe: She's One of a Kind, Kine ~ Pages 66 - 77

This is another comic you can easily compare to the original.

However, it had to be reworked in a way, because even though the fundamental reasons for drawing are still the same for me (mood dependent, the most interesting and accurate expression succeeding being on model, etc), art evolution and character development changes things that are no longer relevant. For example, Nidorina in 2001 followed in the footsteps of Mrs. Nidorina in being cuter than average, and the old answer was good enough. Today, Nidorina is supposed to reflect a specific personality. It's already stated in universe that Nidorina is attractively cute, so Kirby's old retort wouldn't fly either.

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