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Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister - Second Production Set ~ Comics 61 - 70

Pictured above:


Nini really is an adorable little imp.

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The Only Gifts I Want This Year

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Christmas 2006

Holiday pic. Originally supposed to include all Nidos, with King and Queen being the Claus's and 'Rin@ being reindeer. I just didn't feel like drawing all that, though.

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Nido Christmas Card 2007

A cute Nido cover for a Christmas card. Holiday designs are generic and very Halmark, whoever came up with the scribble tree, credit goes to them. Characters include Nidorino's cute kids Diana and Needles, and then AU Nidorino and Charlotte. I actually printed this out and used it for our 2007 Christmas. Considering this and the cookies, it was a very Pokemon Christmas.

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Nido Christmas Card 2008

Same idea as 2007's, except that I like 2007's better. Or rather, it was easier to do because generic Nidos are laborious to draw compared to character Nidos. Whatever, it's 2008. For 2009, I'm going back to characters. This is a non-Nidodenominational card for people who like them... plain.

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A Nido For You

Merry Christmas. I got a tablet =D Here's a Nido for you! ^.~

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Christmas 2009 - Nativity Scene

On some given day that we for some reason observe on December 25th, Needles was born. I kid, kids. I thought this would be cute to do, there's no sacreligious intent, believe you me. Although, you gotta be real, I'm pretty sure that's what Joseph was thinking. It's supposed to look like some kind of mural (or stone wall painting, even though it's probably got more colors than actually used in biblical times), and it uses familiar characters playing at least semi-fitting roles.

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Christmas 2010 - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

And how! This is a rather charming bit of non traditional art, and yes, this is made with real paper cutouts. The use of only paper and the imperfections throughout turn what could've been another holiday drawing into something cute and different. I could be wrong, but I think I had this idea in my head since 2008 or 2009. I don't quite know what changed my mind either time, although it might have been because it was going to be a story instead of a picture, or because the idea of Nidorina making out with ol' "Saint Nick" seemed a bit much. Oh Nidorina, not in front of the kids! Another thing is that I feel like this scene is ripe for commentary you could add in for any of the children ('cept Diana).

Totodile: I didn't know Santa could do the Tango~

Come on, this stuff writes itself.

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Christmas 2011 - Grab Bag

So that's why your present went missing. You remember that kid that always wanted to know what everyone else got? And if s/he could have, would've taken it from you? It's kinda like that. Anyway, a bit of a rush job, here, in that I really did not have the time to work on this and another thing (and would've preferably stuck with the other thing). The concept I had in mind for a couple of weeks, though, so at least there's that. It explains why I didn't bother with digital colors, though.

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Christmas 2012 - New Year's 2013

Consolidation at its best. This is for everyone who feels like they just got settled into the Christmas spirit.

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