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Guidelines are meant to save EVERYBODY time, be sure to read them. Ask if you have questions.


SERIOUS ENTRIES ONLYTribute to Groucho Marx?

I've been pretty lenient about requirements for characters, series, and comics, but the problem is this leads to a lot of small galleries with not a lot to show for them, and a lot of characters that exist for about a day. Effective August 31, 2009 (beginning of the new site), there will be new guidelines for giving yourself your own sections. Everything prior to August 31, 2009 is protected by the Grandfather Clause.

All characters who are do not have at least 2-3 images (depending on the works themselves) will be placed into a general Nido category. Beyond this, they will placed into the Other category. Any mixed series artwork is automatically placed into Other, unless the picture is related to an event or holiday.

Characters within a series must have ten (10) works before getting a separate gallery. Exception is made if character is prominent outside of Aqua Bunny. Provide proof with a link. You must provide me with a name for this series, or they will stay in the Other category.

Comics must have ten (10) pages with prospects of continuing for at least another 5, or end within ten (10) pages to become a full comic series. If you have no follow through, don't start a series.

Series Pokemon

Tribute to Groucho Marx?

What makes each of the series fun on Aqua Bunny is the cast of characters involved in each one, and it wouldn't quite be the same without them. Aqua Bunny may be about the Nidoran family, but it's mostly about creativity above all else. The characters in the series should be able to shine on their own, too, and since there's no where else for them to go, starting in 2013, Aqua Bunny'll now allow series characters who aren't Nidos to be accepted into appropriate galleries. It should go without saying that they will only appear in the Character Gallery, within their respective series.

This is not an excuse to start randomly submitting artwork of other Pokemon. If they aren't a Nido or accompanied by one, then they MUST be part of an established or brand new series on Aqua Bunny. For example, Blade Knight inc's Bellsprout can have his own fan art. A random Bellosom, however, can not.

If these Pokemon are part of a series not found on this site, see the above guidelines under Serious Entries Only. Gotta establish the series first before you can start posting non-Nido stuff. If the series is already established outside here, talk to me about it via email or some other way. I'd still say I'll need at least one Nido picture from you, either way.

Hopefully this opens more doors for you all. I'm always happy to see what people come up with. Remember, you can always use Tumblr, too!




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