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Guidelines are meant to save EVERYBODY time, be sure to read them. Ask if you have questions.


Regarding Generic Pokemon Content:
This is a Nido shrine, therefore it is a given that artwork must contain Nidos. If art contains other creatures along with Nidos, the Nido in question should be the focal point, or share equal focus, unless you're going for something artistic and or dynamic. Do not place them far into the background just to display something else. If you are looking to submit artwork of other Pokemon, check Series, Characters, and Series Characters above to see if it applies.

Don't Don't.                      this is okay This is okay.

I'm fairly lenient, but do not submit anything absolutely distasteful, no extreme violence/gore, no excessively crude language, no promotion of illegal substances and no hentai/porn.

Be sure to sign all of your works! I cannot accept works without signatures!

Regarding Quality:
Submit works that are to the best of your ability at the skill level you are at. There is no discrimination of age or overall skill, but there is a judgment of effort. If what you are submitting does not look like a Nido in silhouette, try again. There are obvious exceptions depending on variables, Gijinka, etc, but on the other side of the spectrum, don't create something that relates in name only (Spore photos nonwithstanding). I've done enough homework to know what Nidos aren't.

Personifications differ from Gijinka in that they are 100% human. These are acceptable, however, you must also submit a few pictures (that means more than one) of the non-human creature in question so that you aren't just submitting random humans. Like Gijinka, there should still be some similarities, just not unnatural.

Do not submit bitmaps, or any non-wallpaper image larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels. I will not resize images for you, nor will I convert the file format.

Make sure it gets here!
For your own benefit, don't attach a file and then send it. Take your time to fill out the information. Files sent too quickly are regarded as spam, to keep spambots under control. These I never see. If all else fails, if you think you sent something and I never handled it, send it to my email account instead.

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